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This month I will write about WordPress and some work going on for me around WP.  It is really a great software and is used by some many websites so I am excited to be a part of a really vibrant community.  It is exciting to see this all take shape.
Some more thoughts here! 

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I have always enjoyed being a coach.  We try to use that term at my company instead of using the “manager” term.  As time has gone by and teams have gotten bigger, I know that effective coaching can mean sharing my thoughts, reasoning, or advice in a more public fashion .

Over the last few years, I have been heavily involved with WordPress and working with a great team building BoldGrid.  BoldGrid turns WordPress into a website builder and the best way to make sure it is working well is to build sites with it!

Sharing publicly can be a lot of work, especially since I really do not like “short form” snippets.  But I have made it a 2018 personal mission to run this site proactively.   Here goes.

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Yes, reading, I do know a lot about it…

On reflection, I have chalked  up an extensive reading list.  The books I have found interesting over time in various categories including management philosophy, sales and marketing, history, science fiction, fantasy, and, instead of misc, lets call it general knowledge.

Web Hosting

I started my first business and first website in my basement in 1997.   The business did not do so well, but my knowledge of the web took off.  Today, with the help of many talented people, one of my next businesses, InMotion Hosting , has grown to over 350 people and hundreds of thousands of customers.   Luckily, we have been pretty successful and I have been able to grow  professionally and personally during those successes.

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“I should update this to include my name Todd Robinson

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Maybe a Todd Robinson here as well.

If you have made it this far down you are unique

Hidden jems of wordpress

The Miller-Haantz wedding had a beautiful setting near Lake Como. With the outdoor ceremony near sundown, I was able to capture amazing photos.


favorite features of boldgrid

Mrs. Christensen was carrying twins who were eager to show off for the camera! We captured over a dozen fabulous shots.


Special Events

They had plenty of photographers selling their wares and plenty of amateurs practicing their trade, but didn’t have anyone documenting the show as it was going on.